Over the past 12 years, the Deoworks Corporation has rapidly established itself as a prominent global player in the fields of Marketing, Manufacturing and E-Commerce.

Our Services

Our Services

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The Deoworks Marketing Division (DMD) includes a global advertising agency for online and offline marketing as well as a Trade Show Production arm.

Highlights of services


Deoworks was able to capitalize early on the advent of E-Commerce and leverage its international network to create and distribute consumer products across continents in the Beauty, Children, and Health sectors through online-only channels. The Deoworks E-Commerce Division (DED) also includes a global logistics & shipping arm.

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The Deoworks Manufacturing Division (MAD) is a leader in the High Quality American furniture manufacturing segment with Business and Retail clients in the United States and East Asia.

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The Deoworks Construction Division (DCD) is a division created by Deoworks Corporation to respond to the growing demand for construction services across America. Deoworks benefits from combined decades of expertise in construction and manufacturing and is putting it into practice with a big focus on rebuilding the American Midwest.

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Deoworks is expanding into hospitality business, owning and operating several attractive properties in the United States and around the world.

About Us

At Deoworks, we incorporate experience, creativity, flexibility and personal service to cater to each of our client’s projects.


We place emphasis on concept design, production and delivery, so each finished product has the high-end aesthetics look with full functionality. Some of our clients include Samsung, Honeywell, Hyundai and Lenovo etc.

We know customer service isn’t just a department, but the center of our business. We’re always looking for innovative ways to meet our customers’ individual needs. That’s why we created different products and different departments to meet our customers’ demands. And we always analyze what we’re doing and how we can do it better.

We can proudly say that the majority of our customers stay in a long-term relationship and friendship with us on different aspects of their businesses. Not only that, but we are always working diligently to create more innovative solutions to help our clients.

We believe that in order to deliver great products and events, you need the right team.

We are proud to say that in every position throughout the company, our team not only has industry experience but deeply cares about delivering the high standard of work for our clients every time, no matter what you do with us.


Deoworks Corporation was founded in New York City in 2011 as a design company providing online and offline design services. Focusing on Web Design it provides agency level services to American Medium Size businesses, sourcing designers from New York and San Francisco, with support services from Asia.


Deoworks opens a Trade Show Marketing Service business arm that services international companies looking to market in the United States.


Deoworks Trade Show Marketing Services expands worldwide starting with Europe. The United States business grows significantly.


Launches a production facility in Las Vegas, NV. The E-Commerce business starts. Marketing services expand with the inclusion of agency services, as well as sales representation services for media publication.


Through a strategic purchase in the premium American furniture manufacturing, Deoworks begins its manufacturing business with a large factory in upstate New York. The E-Commerce business grows significantly. The Advertising and Marketing divisions continue to grow.


Deoworks launches its Construction division by remodeling its own corporate campus. It starts to diversify the business and include outside customers with a strong focus on the Midwest.


Through its diversified business portfolio, Deoworks is shielded from the global slowdown and is able to maintain and grow its revenues.


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